Company Name:
Fisher Scientific
Job ID: RFB20141407-23623
Expertise Manufacturing
Education High School/GED
Job Type Full-time
Location United States - North Carolina - Asheville
Job Level Experienced
Posting date: July 21, 2014
Position Summary:
Assembles parts and sub-assemblies according to sequence of events (SOEs), design specifications and company quality standards. Completes appropriate internal control documents including Final Inspection Sheets, Total Quality Control sheets and Traveler sheets. Supports Continuous Improvement processes to achieve team and plant goals. Communicates and interacts effectively in a team based setting.
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
At work on time every day and be in your work area when scheduled. Works overtime and weekends when needed to accomplish production goals.
References work instructions and reviews print specifications to accomplish production requirements.
Reviews work order for product specifications and requirements.
Selects components, aligns, and assembles them in proper sequence by drilling holes, adding rivets, screws, bolts, braces, tape, cement or solder to meet specifications.
Selects appropriate sub-assemblies or component parts and installs in the unit in specified sequence according to SOE.
Applies wiring harnesses, sensors, and other electrical components in cabinet as per SOE. Recognizes color codes to insure that wiring and other color coded procedures meet guidelines. Reads electrical wiring diagrams to accomplish accurate assembly.
Uses a wide range of hand tools, drill, rivet gun, saw, hy-pot tester, and drill press.
Inspects parts during sub-assembly and at key points to ensure that unit meets specified quality standards prior to moving unit to the next workstation. Verifies that custom equipment changes have been made according to order and Smart Part Number.
Cleans and packs final product using approved chemicals, Refers to MSDS to insure safe handling and proper PPE is used around chemicals.
Moves units or positions pieces manually or using work aids such as casters, cranes or forklifts.
Completes appropriate internal control documents including Final Inspection Sheets, Total Quality Control sheets and Traveler sheets.
Enters product related information into computer system to track bar codes, locations or production rates.
Troubleshoots work related problems by using technical expertise and input from other team members, Supervisor, Coordinators or Engineering team.
Performs other duties, provides support and coverage on all operations on line as requested by supervisor. Cross training and flexibility required.
Reorders raw materials and finished parts using the Kanban inventory system. Maintains Supermarket racks and inventory accuracy using the correct part numbers and bin locations.
Maintains clean and organized work area that supports co-workers as well as safety, efficiency, quality and customer demands.
Receives verbal instructions, reads production board or confers with Supervisor or Coordinators for instructions and priorities.
Fully engaged, initiates activities that support department and team goals, suggests improvements in work methods and is actively involved with all of the team activities within the department.
Supports Continuous Improvement, PPI and Lean Manufacturing initiatives.
Trains and mentors new employees or transitioning workers in the area.
Communicates effectively within cell or with other departments to relay key information. Open to and asks for suggestions and opinions of others regarding production issues and goals.
Performs all job duties within ISO standards
Performs all duties using required safety procedures and equipment according to company policies and practices.
Performs all job duties consistent with the Code of Ethics and the 4-I Values, serves as a role model in the workplace.
Participates on teams using Microsoft software for data analysis or presentations. Utilizes computer systems to check e-mail, complete on line training and complete PMDs.
Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:
Education - Requires high school diploma or GED
Skills - Ability to read, interpret and follow wiring diagrams and blueprints as shown in SOE. Ability to read and differentiate part numbers, labels and work instructions.
General knowledge - Knowledge of hand and power tools is preferred.
Experience - Three to six months manufacturing work experience is preferred.
Physical requirements - Standing, bending, reaching and handling bulky parts is common to the job. Frequently lifts up to 50 pounds. Good eye/hand and foot coordination is required.
Hazards - Exposed to potential hazards including pinch points, fall hazards, chemical exposure and general safety issues associated with manufacturing. Works in hot, cold, dusty, elevated and noisy area.

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